Upper Manya Krobo Assembly denies report

The Upper Manya Krobo Assembly has rejected media reports that the area has not seen any development in the past six years.

The assembly also condemned the radio station’s claim that the area had no traditional rulers or chiefs.

Addressing a press conference at Asesewa on Thursday to react to the allegations the Presiding Member, Kojo Nomo Joseph, said such claims were not only false, but malicious as they were intended to discredit the District Chief Executive.

Mr. Nomo said, numerous social amenities had been provided to various communities in the district since Mr. Angmor took office.

“There are so many completed projects and many more at the finishing stages in the area which the chiefs who represented the Konor of Manya Krobo attest to, but the FM station decided to be lopsided by not contacting the DCE or the Co-ordinating Director as well as the chiefs to abreast itself with the real situation,” he said.

Numo Kwasi Lawerh, speaking on behalf of the chiefs, led by Nene Nyumu Abui of Asesewa, took the gathering through the traditional set up of the area with the Konor of Manya Krobo as the overlord.

With regard to the provision of social amenities in the area, Numo Lawerh said the numerous social amenities provided were a proof that the DCE, Joseph Tetteh Angmor, and the assembly, had made judicious use of funds from the central government for the intended purposes.

From Samuel Opare Lartey, Asesewa

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