Upper East NPP Youth Demand Clean Campaign

OpuniThe National Secretariat of the United Cadres Front (UCF), has criticised the clergy for what it describes as comments against the government.

A statement issued by the Secretariat noted that, “As much as the UCF recognises every individual’s right to free speech and association, we think it is now becoming a norm for some members of the clergy to use the pulpit of the Lord to propagate their partisan leanings to their congregants.”

“Religious leaders, we agree, must be respected, but that can only be done when they speak with clerical decorum.”

“When they mount the pulpits and turn them into political campaign arenas, it will get to a time that the citizenry will return their vituperations in like manner,” it noted.

The UCF particularly cited recent com-ments by the Methodist Church Diocesan Bishop of Obuasi, Rt. Rev. Stephen Richard Bosomtwi-Ayensu, and others who have been using their pulpits to engage in politics.

According to the group, it was improper for some members of the clergy to hide behind the pulpit to propagate their political agenda.

Bishop Bosomtwi-Ayensu is alleged to have recently referred to the leadership of the country as liars.

In addition, the group faulted Bishop Bosomtwi Ayensu, for saying at an earlier sermon that “2016 is not far away and I urge all stakeholders to prepare towards a clean and Godly elections” and urged the Electoral Commission “to be extra vigilant in the upcoming elections”.

The UCF said, “We have nothing against a Bishop or any of the clergy expressing their opinion about development, economy or whatsoever, but what we are against is people hiding behind religious enclaves and trying to force their political ambitions on the congregation that they lead.”

“We are not against people criticising the government of the NDC, but when it is done with some malice and the intent of inciting the citizenry against it by some members of the clergy — we have a problem with that,” the statement said.

The statement noted that Rev. Bosomtwi-Ayensu’s comments were tantamount to inciting his congregation against the government.

“Bishop Bosomtwi-Ayensu ought to be told in plain language that he better put aside his clerical cassock and collar, put on the political garments of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and join them in their campaign to win power in 2016.”

“We are of this reasoning because he has already started the campaign for the NPP as The media reports indicate.”

“If this is not political campaign that has fallen short of naming a party he is campaigning for — what else can we assign this talk to?” the statement said.

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