Update response plans on cholera …Regional health directors tasked

Dr Nsiah Asare,Director General,GHS (2)

Dr Nsiah Asare,Director General,GHS

The Ghana Health Services (GHS) has tasked regional directors to update their emergency preparedness and response plans on cholera as the rains set in within May and June.


It further asked all directors to intensify diarrhoea surveillance and make extra efforts to identify the etiologic agent responsible through laboratory investigations.
This was contained in a letter alerting regional directorate across the country of the likelihood of cholera outbreaks and other sanitation-related diseases during the rainy season.


It advised the directorate to also mount public education on the prevention of cholera and diarrhoea diseases.
“The degree of flooding whenever it rained, coupled with the risk factors for cholera, increase the likelihood of the recurrence of the outbreak of the disease, hence the need for prevention and preparedness for response,” the letter stated.
This, according to the GHS, was as a result of poor sanitation at cities and communities, inadequate supply of safe water, poor food and personal hygiene practices as well as intense population movements to and from the metropolis.


The Ashanti and Greater Accra regions as well as Cape Coast metropolis were hit by cholera within the first quarter of 2017 while a few cases were recorded in 2016.
In 2014, all 10 regions confirmed cholera outbreaks, with about 130 affected districts


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