UPCI: Name, shame, jail not panacea to corruption

The Head Pastor, United Pentecost Church International (UPCI), Sakumono Assembly, Reverend Bright Owiredu has affirmed that arresting and shaming corrupt officials are not the solution to corruption since criminals have seared conscience.

“Until Jesus comes, corruption will always be there, but what we can do is to minimise corruption and we can do that not through arrest, not through exposing and shaming as they are saying but knowing God is what will change the dynamics,” he maintained.

Speaking on corruption, Rev. Owiredu noted that officials would not engage in corrupt practices because people were watching, but they would refrain “because they know there’s a God out there watching what they are doing.”

“If you think naming and shaming will stop it, you are lying, it won’t because there’re people who have actually been imprisoned for offences and come out of prison to do worse things,” he stressed.

Alluding to how people were hardened for the crimes they commit, Rev Owiredu insisted, “so when somebody puts his life on the line and decides this is what he wants to do, they do it with all their lives.”

He indicated that people did not care going naked on social media platforms, the shame part was not there and quizzed “why do you think we arrest somebody and you want to confiscate their assets and realise they have no assets.

“It is a planned thing, they plan and decide on what to do in case they’re caught, the Ghanaian society should imbibe in children the God-factor which will cause them to know that God is watching everything we do and will reward our every action even if people do not see.

“Educational authorities must revive the Scripture Union concept which played a critical role in shaping the Ghanaian society in times past and that will help produce godly leaders for the future.

Reverend Isaac Ampate Ampong, the Head Pastor of UPCI, Community Eight Assembly, charged leaders to be people with integrity and must be accountable to the nation.

“Every leader has been given authority and responsibility, whilst you are exercising your responsibility and role, you have to be accountable also to the people.

“Checks and balances are a sure way of policing the system to ensure the extent of corruption in the Ghanaian society is reduced,” Rev Ampong admonished. -GNA

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