University of Ghana student tops in debate

UniGhanaMr Jude Kwegyir-Aggrey, a Political Science Student of the University of Ghana, has been adjudged the best debater at the second annual inter-University Debate.

The debate was on the motion “On the issue of the slave trade, is Africa deserving of reparations yes or no.”

The competition was contested by students from Lancaster University, Ghana, Lancaster University UK and University of Ghana.

The debate was part of the annual Ambassador Programme from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the Lancaster University, UK, which brings 18 students and three faculty members from the Departments of Law, Linguistics and Public Policy and Religion to Ghana for a week’s visit.

Professor John Grainger, Pro-Vost, Lancaster University, Ghana said the event was to build partnership with stakeholders in the education sector both in Ghana and abroad.

Prof Cynthia Forson, the Deputy Pro-Vost, Lancaster University, Ghana, said it was an impressive debate, looking at the way the debaters tackled the motion.

“Since the motion is emotional, the debaters were able to handle the motion with professionalism,” she added.

There were three debaters each for and against the motion and those who spoke for the motion comprised of Asharntay Kingston, Jude Kwegyire-Aggrey and Emmanuel Asare.

Those who spoke against the motion were Momodu, Anothony Cordini and Matieta Ayesi.

Mr Kwegyire-Aggrey in an interview with the Ghana News Agency commended the organisers for the event, saying the platform gave him the opportunity to exhibit his talent.

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