University of Ghana ranks 10th in Africa

The front view of the University of Ghana

The front view of the University of Ghana

The University of Ghana has been ranked as the 10th best tertiary institution on the African continent, according to a release from Thompson Reuters.

The new university ranking compiled by Thompson Reuters looks specifically at university reputation, which reflects a university’s ability to recruit high-quality staff and students, establish valuable international partnerships, and connect with greater funding prospects.

Africa’s leading universities was determined over a five-year period (2010-2014) by survey respondents specifically living in Africa.

Even though Makerere University placed 9th on the rankings, University of Ghana’s global ranking listed at 664 is clearly ahead of Makerere’s global ranking at 731.

According to Thompson Reuters, the disparity between the regional and global ranking can be chalked up to differences in perception.

Other key findings of the survey suggest that multidisciplinary universities often have a stronger general reputation than specialty institutions, with strong performance in their area of focus. Also, the perspective of academics on institutions within their geographical region often contrasts with global perception.

On research, the survey found out that the volume of research generally correlates with reputation, including papers co-authored with researchers in other regions.

“While the six top positions came from South Africa, it is obvious the University of Ghana is clearly seen not only as a leader in tertiary education at the continental, sub-regional and national level, but in line with its vision, the University is demonstrating its ability to become a world-class research intensive university over the next decade,” the report said.

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