University of Cape Coast admits 5,354 students

prof kuupole

prof kuupole

The University of Cape Coast (UCC) has admitted a total number of 5,354 students to pursue both undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in various disciplines through the sandwich mode.

The figure comprises 2,881 post-graduate students and 2,273 undergraduate students with a gender statistics as 2,908 males and 2,446 females.

Professor D.D. Kuupole, Vice Chancellor of UCC, gave the figure at a matriculation ceremony on Friday for fresh students admitted into the University for the sandwich period.

He explained that the university had kept faith with its mission of responding to the changing needs of society and also continues to provide access to higher education through the sandwich mode.

He indicated that the programme was tailored towards workers whose work schedules or whose domestic responsibilities would not permit them to enrol during the regular session to pursue programmes of their choice.

“It is also to make the University maximise fully the very little essential facilities at her disposal and to make sure that those who enrol on the programme retain their positions at their work places while pursuing further studies,” he said.

He stated the University’s commitment not to compromise on quality and urged the students to devote some quality time for their studies.

Prof Kuupole further said that the University had adequate facilities that would enable them to go through their programmes of study successfully.

On security, he said the security situation on campus was relatively safe for academic work, saying, “The campus security and the police frequently conduct patrols on campus and in the surrounding communities in order to ward off any people with bad intentions”.

Security devices such as CCTV cameras, he said, had been placed at some vantage points of the University to monitor and check the activities of such people.

He, however, urged the students to be security conscious about their movements on campus and also devote time for their studies.

From David O.Yarboi-Tetteh, Cape Coast

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