Unilever adjudged World Most Sustainable Brand

•    Frontage of Unilever Ghana head office at Tema.

• Frontage of Unilever Ghana head office at Tema.

Unilever has been adjudged the World Most Sustainable Brand, according to the 2015 Sustainability Leaders report.

The report produced by think-tank sustainability and research consultancy, GlobeScan indicated “Unilever is in the leadership position throughout much of the world, with the leadership margin being the largest in Europe”.

GlobeScan inquired 816 qualified sustainability experts drawn from corporate organisations, governments, non-governmental and other organisations in 82 countries including Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, North America and others in terms of corporate sustainability leadership and Unilever topped the ranking.

“After dominating our corporate sustainability leadership ranking for more than five years, Unilever has further improved its position and is now ahead of competitors by 27 per cent points,” the report revealed.

A major trend reflected in the report is a growing divide among sustainability experts on the relative importance of a clear, well defined statement of corporate values versus a business model that integrate sustainability.

This year, 26 per cent of experts said that corporate values including the beliefs of the company executives were the most important drivers for sustainability. By comparison, 22 per cent argued that making sustainability part of a core business model was more important.

But the numbers only tell half of the story. Last year 15 per cent of experts highlighted the importance of business models, and 27 per cent of experts’ highlighted values.

In other words, values as the top maker of sustainability leadership declined by one per cent this year, while business model has jumped to seven per cent.

It seems that for a growing number of experts, the question is no longer whether companies say the right things about sustainability, but whether or not they have made it part of the DNA.

Since the launch of Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) in 2011, Unilever Ghana’s good hygiene and health habits campaign has reached over two million people in its quest to improve the health and wellbeing of Ghanaians.

This is in line with Unilever’s ambitious goal to help more than a billion people improve their health and hygiene habits by 2020.

The brand led campaign focuses on washing of hands at the five critical times to improve health and hygiene, children eating well to grow well as well as brushing of teeth day and night to enhance good oral health habits.

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