Unification of North and South Korea advocated

The Unification of North and South Korea will free both countries from weapons of mass destruction and contribute to good governance, a lecturer in International Relations of the University of Seoul, Professor Jaechun Kim, has said.

He said the unification of the two countries would bring to an end criminal acts of money laundering, counterfeiting and human trafficking that have characterised North Korea.

Prof. Kim stated these when he addressed the Korea Foundation Media Session at the 10th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity here on Thursday.

He was speaking on Korean Unification as International Public Good and the Role of the International Media.

The event was was attended by 28 journalists drawn from Africa including Ghana, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Prof Kim, who is advisor to Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said people who had been denied their rights would have them restored through the establishment of democratic values and principles.

He said North Korea, which had witnessed devastation and land degradation, would have its environment restored through re-afforestation under a unified Korea.

Prof Kim said the unification of the two countries would improve their economies and security, relevant not only to the Korea peninsula, but to the North East Asia and the world at large.

Professor Kim said “conflict can be resolved in international relations, if we put in good effort. Integration of two different societies was possible though one was rich in terms of economic resources and the other very poor”.

He said the unification of the two Koreas would strengthen global governance and socio-economic transformation.

The advisor on Foreign Affairs called on the international media to keep ‘an eye’ on the peninsula and help in creating a platform for the unification of the two Koreas.

The President of the Korea Foundation, Dr. Hyun-seok Yu, expressed gratitude to the participants for honouring the invitation to attend the programme, and called on the media to help make the unification dream a reality.

Other topics discussed at the forum included “Perspective on University Education as a Means for Trust Building Among Asian Countries”, “Creative Economy and the Role of Higher Education”, “Peace of Asia, Voice for Women’s Rights”, “Culture, Millennium Development Goals and beyond 2015”.

From Matthew Ayoo,
Jeju, Korea, by courtesy of
Korea Foundation

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