THE Energy Commission (EC), has consistently warned the public against the engagement of the services of uncertified electricians to undertake projects because they do not adhere to safety standards.

The EC explained that uncertified electricians do not ensure standards in electrical wiring and installation of electrical gadgets.

It said the non adherence to the standards could lead to fire outbreaks in homes, commercial and industrial places.

Under the law, it is mandatory for every electrician to be certified by the EC to undertake such jobs.

Indeed, under the Electrical Wiring Regulation 2011 (LI) 2008, every electrician is enjoined to undertake written examination to be conducted by the EC, to assess their competencies in the field of work.

Without that, no electrician or electrical contractor is to be allowed to perform any job in that field.

But is that the case? No! Many individuals and organisations are guilty of ignoring the law and hiring electricians without certification.

Indeed, qualified electricians are given a special form and stamp or seal from the EC and the Electricity Company of Ghana, that grant them permit to work on any project.

Without it, the uncertified electrician is not supposed to undertake the job because it would be an offence.

The difficulty the Times has is that the public is either feigning ignorance of the law and engaging in illegality with the electricians or it is not aware of the law and continue to employ uncertified electricians.

Whichever way, there is the need to intensify public education on the law to ensure that both the public and the electricians do not violate the law.

Some may argue that there is joblessness in the country, and therefore, many of those engaged in the illegality are just working for their daily bread.  They may not even have the money  to pay to write the examination for the stamp.

This argument, even though has some merit, must not be used as an excuse to flout the law.  The consequences of an uncertified electrician undertaking a job and exposing everyone to danger is real.

Many fire outbreaks are often traced to the unprofessional work executed by these uncertified electricians and it is, therefore, important for all to ensure that we allow the law to work.

The collateral damage caused by fire outbreaks cannot be quantified and that is why we must ensure that all electricians are certified to undertake any job in the country.


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