Ukraine Army Attacks Eastern Rebels As Truce Ends

Ukrainian forces have launched a full-scale military operation against pro-Russia separatists in the east, hours after a ceasefire ended.

Rebel bases and strongholds are under attack from aircraft and artillery.

The 10-day ceasefire ended on Monday evening, with President Petro Poroshenko saying “criminal elements” had thwarted the chance for peace.

Russia condemned Ukraine’s operation, with President Vladimir Putin vowing to continue to protect ethnic Russians.

Ukraine’s parliamentary Speaker Oleksander Turchynov told MPs yesterday: “I can inform you that in the morning the active phase of the anti-terrorist operation was renewed.

“Our armed forces are carrying out strikes on terrorist bases and checkpoints.”

President Poroshenko went on television on Monday night saying: “We will attack, we will free our land.”

The president had come under pressure from protesters in Kiev, who urged a renewal of the operation against the separatists. Russia’s foreign ministry condemned the Ukrainian operation, calling for a “real, not fake, ceasefire”. — BBC


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