UDS launches book on education

University for Development Studies (UDS) has launched the second edition of “History of Education in Northern Ghana” written by Professor Raymond Bagulo Bening, the founding Vice Chancellor of the university.
The new book by the former Vice chancellor, who was also a professor of geography and resource development studies at UDS, seeks to provide a deeper insight into the education gap between north and south.
The book is also about the north-south divide in the country with regard to investment in infrastructure, medical facilities and education.
Reviewing the book, Professor Helen Yitah, Former Head of Department of English at the University of Ghana, said “we can trace this chasm back to the British occupation of what came to be known as the Northern Territories in 1902.”
“It was possibly in education that this lack of investment in the region came to be most drastically felt.
“The statistics of state resources towards building schools and ensuring that these schools have qualified teachers reveal deep seated structural cracks.
“The endeavour to ensure education for the North started out wrong and went totally awry over the years, so that today the teacher-student ratio and the percentage of children in school are skewed when compared to other regions of the country,” she said.
The history of colonial Ghana shows that most of the schools in the Gold Coast Colony and in the Colony of Ashanti were built and administrated by missionary societies which are amply highlighted in the book.
“But this book does more than document the statistics: it also tells the stories of the struggle of the few who took advantage of the education offered,” Professor Yitah said.
Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye, Vice Chancellor of UDS, who unveiled the book at the launching ceremony, commended the author for his immense contribution to the development of education, and was optimistic that the book would serve as a guide to policy makers in the country’s effort to boost the education sector.

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