UDP to abolish politics of ‘winner-takes-all politics’



The leader and founder of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Dr. Yaw Kumey, has vowed to end the “politics of winner-takes all,” to allow everybody to contribute to national development, if voted to power.

He said his government would assemble the right and competent people from across the political divide, to turn the fortunes of the country around two years into its first term of office.

Dr. Kumey, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Koforidua, said under the party’s inclusive platform, minority parties, the youth and the physically challenged, would have a strong voice.

The UDP leader said he would formulate appropriate policies to support businesses to thrive, adding that local businesses would be supported by the state to expand to create wealth and jobs.

Dr. Kumey said Ghanaian businesses and industries would enjoy subsidies just as is being done in some developed countries.

He said the promotion of non-traditional export crops would be made a priority on his development agenda, and gave the assurance that employment policies and initiatives started by previous governments would not be abandoned.

Dr. Kumey said these would rather be expanded to create job opportunities for the youth and bring down the rising levels of unemployment among them.

He condemned the tradition where succeeding governments discontinued with development programmes of their predecessors, stating that, this had not been helpful to the progress of the nation.

Dr. Kumey said the UDP would make sure all public office holders send their children and other relatives to public schools, if voted to power.


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