UCC students urged to refrain from any form of violence


The Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Prof George K.T. Oduro has admonished students of the university to take non-violent celebrations seriously and refrain from any form of violence and vandalism during any student event.

The university authorities, he explained, would not spare any student who breaks the rules of the university during any event on campus.

“We are committed to ensuring that every student lives and moves about on campus without fear of harassment and physical assault,” he said.

Prof Oduro was speaking at a durbar to climax the 50th annual hall week celebration of Casely Hayford (CASFORD) Hall held on the campus of the university at the weekend.

The celebration which was on the theme, ‘Fifty years of growth of Casely Hayford Hall-Reflections and projections’ was attended by students and alumni of the hall, senior lecturers of the university and other student representatives.

Prof Oduro, who is an alumnus of Casford Hall and former acting President of the Casford Alumni Association expressed worry about why some students of the hall had adopted lifestyles which continue to overshadow a procession dubbed, ‘Sharp brain procession’ which enables all Casford Hall students to celebrate intellectualism.

He urged everybody associated with the hall to be guided by the virtues associated with J.E. Casely-Hayford and jealously guard against any act that he explained, would negate such virtues.

He commended the organisers of the 50th Hall week celebration, saying, “The celebration has been devoid of the uncouth and ferocious activities that characterised previous hall week celebrations such as mounting of unauthorised road blocks, intimidating innocent drivers and banging on vehicles, public display of nudity, invasion of sister halls of residence, stone throwing and other violent acts”.

He further said: “The absence of these acts of indiscipline in this year’s Hall Week celebration, I hope, opens a new chapter in the image reclaiming strategies of the Great Casely Hayford Hall.”

Prof Oduro urged residents of the hall to strive to be true gentlemen by being humble, approachable, respect humanity and disciplined to reflect the accolade on each residents of the hall as “gentleman”.

He also admonished them to uphold the truth and courageously defend the truth, saying, “You do not conceal the truth and you do not cover evil”.

Additionally, he advised the students to uphold the fundamental purpose of being a student and attach seriousness to issues relating to learning, saying, “May I remind our young gentlemen that our very colour RED signifies seriousness”.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor further urged the hall administration to put in measures to address some of the welfare challenges facing students affiliated to the hall as well as the construction of annexes to accommodate the growing number of residents of the hall.

The Casford Hall Master, Prof Kumi Kyereme for his part, stated that the climax of the 50th anniversary would be held in September and urged all members of the hall to take an active part in activities that would be rolled out.

The hall, he said, would be instituting an award scheme for the best graduating student affiliated to the hall.

From David O. Yarboi-Tetteh, Cape Coast



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