UCC Students To Be Banned From Politics

professor kuuyoleThe University of Cape Coast (UCC) would soon review its students handbook to make it explicitly prohibitive for students to pursue any issue of political interest in court.

Vice Chancellor Professor Domwini Dabire Kuupole , who made this known, observed that student politics in the university had reached an alarming situation whereby, some students flout the school’s regulations and place the positions they want to occupy above the purpose for which they were admitted.

Prof Kuupole said these at the UCC matriculation ceremony on Saturday, to formally receive 6, 247 students into the University’s College of Humanities and Legal Studies, College of Agriculture and Natural Science, College of Education Studies and College of Health and Allied Science, for the 2014/2015 academic year.

He indicated that “The university will not countenance situations in which students rush to take some issues of political interest to court without following due process of resolving any misunderstanding and thereby disrupt the academic, programmes of the university”.

The Vice Chancellor pointed out that while the university in principle tolerates student politics, it frowns on rivalry and that the school cannot be so magnanimous as to allow just a few selfish students to hold the whole university to ransom”.

“Such negative occurrences should cease and everything possible will be done to safeguard our collective interest as a university,” he said.

Out of the total number of students that matriculated, 5,722 are undergraduates, an increase of 6.8 per cent over last year’s figure of 5,360 while the remaining 525 are postgraduates who represents an increase of 12.4 per cent over last year’s admission of 467.

Additionally 3,876 representing 67.7 per cent of the undergraduates are males with 1, 846 females representing 32.3 per cent.

A total of 354 post graduate males representing 67.4 per cent and 171 females representing 32.6 per cent, also matriculated.

Prof Kuupole noted: Your education should develop in you a keen sense of morality and responsibility to self and society, and it should engender in you an appreciation of order and beauty. This is an institution where we share knowledge and not vices nor brawls.”

He discredited media reports that there was a cholera outbreak on campus.

He said the level 200 student who died of the disease a few days ago, had reported to school sick.

Prof Kuupole urged students to observe a high sense of cleanliness and be wary of the food they buy, and also report quickly to the hospital any traces of dysentery for treatment.

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