U-G Legon SRC elections manipuated — BNI

PRELIMINARY investigations into the manipulation of the electronic voting system of the University of Ghana (U-G), Legon, elections held on April 9, has revealed that the results were manipulated.

According to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), the electronic voting system was manipulated to favour a particular candidate.

It said following allegations of manipulations, the Bureau requested for evidence and retrieved six (6) of the laptop computers used as servers during the elections.

A careful scrutiny of the computers during preliminary investigations revealed that, the electronic voting system was manipulated to favour a particular candidate.

It said, Stephen Forson, the developer of the software and manager of the electronic voting, was identified and invited on Tuesday for questioning.

“During interactions, Forson took investigators through how the system works. He also demonstrated on his personal laptop how voting was done and strongly indicated that the system cannot be manipulated by anyone except himself.”

However, when investigators gave him one of the retrieved computers used during the voting exercise to demonstrate by adding five (5) names to the voter register and voting for the two (2) SRC presidential candidates, the results came out manipulated. Though the five (5) new “voters” voted three (3) for candidate ‘A’ and two (2) for candidate ‘B’, the results as declared by the electronic system gave candidate ‘A’ one (1) vote and ‘B’ four (4) votes”.

The BNI said “Forson at this stage conceded that the system was compromised but denied being the architect”.

Forson is the Managing Director (MD) of IPRO Solutions Ltd, the company contracted by University of Ghana to conduct its elections. The company has a five year contract with the University (2012-2016). The company also runs elections for all the polytechnics and some other universities in the country.

The BNI said preliminary investigations also revealed that the electronic voting system was manipulated to credit all votes with voter IDs ending with even numbers to a particular candidate while voter IDs ending with odd numbers were genuinely shared based on votes genuinely garnered.

It said, contrary to reports in media reports that Forson was arrested in the night and tortured by people from the Flagstaff House and later handed over to the BNI, he was rather taken from his residence by BNI officials in the morning on Tuesday, following reports received.

According to the BNI a thorough scrutiny of the computers retrieved was ongoing.

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