Turning the promises of Accra becoming cleanest city in Africa into reality

Often it is easy to make promises because promises are just words, but delivering on them matters a lot.

In our part of the world, politicians make several promises that are easier said than done.

So often when politicians make promises to voters it is largely assumed that they are doing so just for votes.

Therefore, when President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo made the solemn pledge to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa, many received it with some doubts.

There they go again with promises; the skeptics said.

However, the commitment to see the promises turn into reality continue to dominate the public utterances of the President, Ministers of State and Chief Executives of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the Greater Accra Region.

For a example President Akufo –Addo repeated the determination to turn Accra into the cleanest city in Africa in his remarks when he visited some waste management plants in the Greater Accra Region last Friday.

He praised the private sector collaboration with government to manage waste in the city and acknowledged that the task was daunting.

“With Greater Accra’s population estimated at between five million and seven million people, if we do not have an efficient and modern way of dealing with waste disposal, then we will have a city that will have major troubles with hygiene and cleanliness,” he said.

Indeed, the sanitation challenge in Accra is going from bad to worse and that needed extremely serious attention.

It is well and good to make promises but the Ghanaian Times believes that sanitation and waste management must be tackled head-on if the President’s promises is to become a reality.

The piles of refuse that choke drains, stinking environment and dumpsites scattered around the city are major challenges facing the city.

Above all attitudinal change on the part of city dwellers is key to the achievement of the dream of turning Accra into the cleanest city in Africa.

The President has made the promise and everyone is expected to support in achieving the goal. It is not going to come easy and therefore, the government and all stakeholders must make every effort to carry every city dweller along.

We must all (city dwellers) have a sense of responsibility towards the crusade to make Accra a clean city.

Many cities across the world have been able to keep their environments clean and so can we in Accra.

Let’s supports the crusade and commit to the clarion call of making the city of Accra the cleanest in Africa.


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