‘Turkey is open for Ghanaian investments’

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has challenged Ghanaian businessmen to take bold steps to invest in the Turkish economy, in order to boost the trade volume between his country and Ghana.

He said Turkey, with a US$800 billion Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and US$400 billion worth of foreign trade volume, had the 17th largest economy in the world, and urged Ghanaian businesses to take advantage and enjoy the benefits of investing in the Turkish economy.

Mr. Erdogan said this when he delivered an address in Parliament yesterday, as part of his official two-day visit.

He said the volume of trade between Turkey and Ghana used to be US$ 41 million in 2002, and added that in 2011 and 2012, the amount shot up significantly to half a billion dollars.

In the last three years, however, the volume of trade between the two countries had diminished, he noted, but stressed that significant opportunities for co-operation, especially in the fields of construction and defence, could be explored.

The Turkish President said currently, trade volume between the two countries stood at US$400 million and announced that it was the hope of his country to increase it to US$1 billion by the year 2020.

“The Turkish companies will undertake major projects in Ghana, thus, contribute to the development of Ghana. We need a much robust and much more productive co-operation. We need to encourage the companies of both countries and we need to improve our relationship in every aspect possible for the benefit of our people,” he said.

He said Turkey had a very dynamic population and invited Ghanaian businesses to take initiatives to invest in the Turkish economy.

On terrorism, Mr. Erdogan stressed the need for countries to come together and fight against the canker, and pledged his country’s commitment to support any global action against terrorism.

He, however, took a swipe at the United Nations (UN) for failing to serve the greater needs of nations on the global scale and, instead, serving the needs of a few elite countries.

He said the structure of the UN Security Council should be changed, because the security of the entire world could not be entrusted in the hands of five permanent member countries with veto powers.

“The world is greater than the five permanent members of the Security Council. So the rest of the world cannot rely on the decisions made by the five members of the Security Council,” he stated.

The Turkish President said the major nations around the world did the talk “but failed to walk the walk”, and accused them of sitting back and allowing people to die at the hands of terrorism.

“We have to raise our voices and we have to take our stance against inhumanity, and Turkey will continue to be the voice of the entire human race,” he said.

Mr. Erdogan urged the law makers to support and help deepen the cordial relationship between Turkey and Ghana for the benefits of the citizens of the two nations.

The Speaker, Edward Adjaho, on behalf of the House, commended the Turkish President and added that the House would give due consideration to the content of the message.

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