TUC Boss Fires ‘Salvo’!

The Secretary-General of the Trades Union Congress, Kofi Asamoah says attempts to frustrate the nationwide protests called by organised labour is most unfortunate and must be stopped.

He said the protests were necessary because they would provide the platform for workers to vent their frustrations, which had built over a long period.•   Mr.  Asamoah

Organised Labour last week announced a general strike slated for tomorrow and nationwide demonstrations to demand immediate action from the government to mitigate the rising cost of living.

The police administration on Monday directed the labour unions to hold the protests at regional levels rather than doing so simultaneously.

Mr. Asamoah, however, disagreed and risposted on Tuesday that although they have not received any formal communication from the police to that effect, it would be “extremely unfair” if the police tried to stop workers from expressing their frustrations at the worsening economic conditions.

According to him, the workers have come to this decision because all available avenues have been exhausted without results.

“People are frustrated and they want to vent their frustration in a peaceful demonstration for a few hours, it’s good to be counting heads than to cut heads,” Mr. Asamoah stated.

He said the leadership of the workers has been engaging government for some time now on the economic situation, but no positive results have come out of the series of engagements.

“There have been series of engagements on the economy…it’s not as if we have been sitting down idle.

“The fact that we have gotten to this level means that there is a limit to what we can contain,” the TUC boss said.

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