TUC Applauds Ghanaians

KOFI  ASAMOAH -TUC SECRETARY GENERALThe Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC) has asked Ghanaians to forge ahead in unity and deepen their commitment to finding solutions to the numerous socio-economic challenges facing the country.

It also urged them to redouble efforts toward building a state where all people are treated with the utmost dignity, a press statement issued by the congress and signed by the Secretary General, Kofi Asamoah said.

The statement commended Ghanaians for the peaceful nature in which they received the judgment, by the Supreme Court, over the 2012 election petition saying “the TUC and the working people of Ghana see no loser and no victorts, Ghanaians won the admiration of the world once again.”

“Indeed, Ghanaians have demonstrated a high sense of patriotism and love for peace and placed Ghana first before all other interest,” the statement said adding “As a country, we have surmounted another hurdle in our much towards a free, just and prosperous society.”

“We commend the 2012 flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for accepting the verdict of the Supreme Court and appealing to his party and the citizens of Ghana to put the dispute behind us and come together to build the nation thereby demonstrating true statesmanship,” the statement said.

“We congratulate the President, John Dramani Mahama, for his tremendous show of leadership,” it added.
“We commend the judges of the Supreme Court and the lawyers of both the petitioners and respondents for their endurance and the diligent manner in which they approached and carried out their work,” the statements said.

The statement also commended the contending political parties and their leadership for showing respect for the institutions of state such as the Judiciary, the National Peace Council and the security forces and for the magnanimity they had shown towards each other.

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