TT Bros demands money from Hearts

TT BrothersFORMER  Board and management member of Accra Hearts of Oak, Isaac Tetteh, popularly known as TT Brothers has expressed his intention to retrieve monies the club owes him, adding that he will use all means possible.

The Managing Director of T.T Brothers Company Limited believes that the present Board Chairman Togbe Afede XIV wants to shy away from the fact that the club owes him so much.

“At the last AGM he told the shareholders that the Club indeed owes many people, but not as much as those people are claiming. I don’t think he knows what he is talking about,” TT Brothers mentioned in an interview with

“I have heard so many things that are said to have come from him and if it’s true then I am very disappointed, because he came to meet some of us at the board and he personally knows the money I have put in the club even as gifts, yet he is pretending not to.”

His patience appears to have run out and said it is about time he takes steps towards retrieving his money.

“Nobody seems to care about this. I will be taking any means available for me to retrieve the debts. There are some monies which they (Hearts) can take for free but not the ones I led them to the banks to secure”.

“I was the brain behind every loan secured by Hearts of Oak then and it’s been long and my banks are after me for the money, I also secured a loan from my own company (TT Brothers) agents in Nigeria which has not been paid.”

“If I were to be his brother will he have treated me this way? They claim they sent letters to all those the club owes yet no one responded, they should tell me, who sent those letters and when it was sent.”

“As for the money I will use all necessary means available to collect it even if it’s the last thing I do because its that of my employers.”

He said the board wanted him to convert the amount owned him into shares which he refused adding that it was illegal to have done that since the money belonged to his employers in the first place.

“How can I use my company’s money to buy shares, it’s just not possible because it a very huge amount. Most of the people who were owed by the club converted them into shares, but some of us refused to do that because we felt it was a raw deal from the club.”

“I have records of the money the club owes me and it’s not as if I am just making noise. I don’t want a situation whereby I will have to proceed to court and place injunctions on the club’s possessions, because it will also hurt me as a Phobian and stall the progress of the club.”

“But if things come to the worse I will happily do what I have to do to retrieve my money”.

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