Tribute To Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela…By the man who was named after him

nelson mandelaI will be very grateful if you could publish my tribute to my “father”, mentor and hero, the Late Nelson Mandela.

My late father Valentine Lewis Anyomi, named me after Nelson Mandela because, I was born in the month in which he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He believed in the ideals Mandela and his ANC stood for.

I had the privilege of first meeting him personally on his official visit to Ghana in November, 1991. I again met him in 2007 in South Africa when I visited him.

I passionately feel I owe him a tribute and would be glad if you could help publish this tribute in honour of him. Below is the tribute:

“Fare thee well MADIBA, Fare thee well!!!

God gave you to the world as a Pillar of Inspiration,

As light in darkness, You did shine to guide us on the path of forgiveness and reconciliation,

You taught me not to let my deepest fear dim the light in me

And to let my light shine, so I can give other people permission to do same

You told me, it was an honour done you, for me to bear your name

But today I say, it is rather an honour done me, to carry your name

I will forever remember and cherish your memory as my Hero, for

I bear your name for life.

As you journey into eternity, May God grant you perfect peace and rest.

        Adieu, Goodbye my Hero,

        Good-bye MADIBA, Good-bye”.


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