Training Course To Upgrade Skills Of Journalists End

COURSEA 13-week scholarship course in leadership and communication targeted at equipping journalists to meet the changing trends in journalism has ended in Accra.

The course organised by the Knutsford University College, an affiliate of the University of Ghana seeks to encourage journalists to be ethical in their profession.

It also sets the pace for journalists from the various media houses to access their strengths and weakness, in order to perfect themselves in their chosen profession.

Addressing participants at the closure of the course,  Co- founder of the school, Mr. John Kwamena Essel, said there was the need to help journalists to upgrade their communication skills.

“Journalist plays an important  role in national peace building in the country, since their reports leads to numerous developments in our societies and country as a whole” he said.

Dr Nana Oppong Registrar of the college was of the view that Ghana could achieve her desired objective if journalists were trained well to delve into issues of national development.

He mentioned that it was important for journalists to put up publications that would remind leaders of their promise to the nation in their watchdog roles in order to keep them on their toes.

“Control measures are very important in our planning and management system hence the need for journalist to report on issues affecting the country from its grassroot to remind leaders of their duty as an aid to development” he said.

Dr Oppong said he expects journalists participating in the course to improve upon their general communications skills with emphasis on their choice of words in their stories.

He hour to train workers in other fields to equip them in addressing major social issues in the country.
He noted that the need for education in the growth and development of civil society, industry and nations was becoming more imperative than ever and would be even more challenging in the centuries to come.

Education, according to him is not the compiling on of knowledge, skills and abilities, but the application of these to ensure societal well-being, progress and happiness.

Quality education is needed to prepare graduates to provide real and effective solutions to societal, industrial, national needs and challenges, to improve the livelihood of mankind.

About 35 journalists who participated in the course had the opportunity to upgrade themselves in communication ethics, as well in-depth knowledge on society.

Beneficiaries of the course who were interviewed by the Times expressed gratitude to the authorities of the university saying that the course had broaden their skills on issues about society and development.

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