Traders Worried About Soaring Prices

Traders at the Kaneshie market have expressed concern at the rate at which prices of commodities keep soaring up.

The traders who interacted with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) pointed out the situation is gradually rendering them jobless as it has affected the purchasing power of customers.

At the market prices of commodities such as rice, flour, pastry flour, cooking oil and margarine, have seen much increase over the period and is posing as a major problem to customers.

Mr. Kweku Fosu, a trader told the GNA that the price of half bag of Royal Aroma rice is now GH¢100.00 while the full bag is going for GH¢200.00.

The price of half bag of Royal Feast rice is selling at GH¢132.00 while the full bag is GH¢264.00.

The price of oil depending on the brand ranges from GH¢30.00 to GH¢ 40.00

Madam Ama Okyere, a trader said the price of pastry flour is GH¢144.00, while the half bag is going for GH¢74.00. The price of Irani flour is selling at GH¢145.00 and Sankorfa flour, GH¢150.00.

A 20 kilogramme of margarine is selling at GH¢ 135.00.

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