THE New Patriotic Party (NPP), the country’s largest opposition party on Tuesday presented to the Electoral Commission and the general public, a number of “evidences” it claimed were the basis for the compilation of a new voters’ register, for the 2016 general elections.

At a news conference in Accra, the party pointed to several “discoveries” and “revelations” which constituted compelling evidence that warrant the EC to compile a new register.

According to the party, their compelling evidence was that 76,286 Togolese names were on Ghana’s electoral roll, among other statistical evidences, which should form the basis for a new register.

But, in a characteristic manner, however, the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rubbished the claim, pointing out that the call by the NPP was borne out of ignorance.

“The NPP got it all wrong, as their call for a new voters’ register is only supported by faulty arguments,” the NDC is reported to have shot back.

We are amazed by the sheer dexterity with which the NPP got the large number of Togolese voters who are also eligible to vote in Ghana.

Indeed, we are perplexed that with all the measures instituted to ensure a credible voters’ register, we could still have those high numbers on the electoral roll.

What is more frightening is the revelation that the number was only 10 per cent of the findings by the NPP.

The Times is alarmed that the numbers may go up at the end of the research by the NPP, and that would be unhealthy for the 2016 elections, if the findings turn out to be true.

We do not have any evidence to support the position of the NPP, but want to find out, however, whether we do not have any means of dealing with the allegations the NPP has put forward against the voters’ register.

Like all human endeavours, there may be flaws in the register, but then there should be remedial measures to tackle the issue.

We call for a thorough investigation into the allegations, the flaws identified and the necessary steps taken to correct them.

The EC should lead the exercise, as this would be very crucial for restoring the credibility of the country’s electoral roll.

For us, the compilation of a new voters’ register, should be the last resort, after a thorough audit of the present register.

The timing and the funds for the compilation of a new register do not guarantee the compilation a flawless voters’ register that would not only be used for 2016, but stand the test of time, be absolutely clean, credible and reliable!

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