Togo’s PM Resumes Duty After Surgical Operation

ahoomey zunuTogo’s Prime Minister Ahoomey-Zunu Seleagodji on Wednesday resumed his duty after being absent for more than two months due to sickness, which necessitated his evacuation to Europe, a source from the Presidency has said.

On Wednesday, he met with President Faure Gnassingbe to discuss issues related to daily running of state affairs.

In November 2013, the Togolese prime minister was urgently evacuated to Europe where he underwent a surgical operation.

In December, while addressing diplomats accredited to Togo, Gnassingbe announced that the prime minister was expected back in the West African country soon.

Seleagodji, 55, was first appointed prime minister in July 2012. He retained the post on Sept. 6, 2013 after the July 2013 legislative elections.-Xinhua

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