Togolese clubs ‘okada’ operator to death

Murder suspect - Francis Yao Tsigli..

Murder suspect – Francis Yao Tsigli..

A TOGOLESE, Francis Yao Tsigli, 48, repeatedly clubbed and killed an ‘Okada’ operator at Adaklu-Kpedzi, in the Volta Region, for refusing to buy him kenkey, a police inquest has heard.

According to Mr Anthony Danso, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in-charge of the Ho municipality, the gory incident took place on Sunday at Adaklu-Kpedzi at about 8.30am.

He told the Ghanaian Times in Ho yesterday that the suspect often filled potholes on the road between the district capital, Waya and Kpedzi, and earned ‘tips’ from drivers plying the stretch.

On that fateful day, DSP Danso said that Tsigli chartered the motorcycle of the deceased, Mawufemor Doh from Waya to Kpedzi.

DSP Danso said after getting off, the motorcycle on reaching Kpedzi, Tsigli was said to have asked the Okada operator to go back to Waya and buy him kenkey.

The deceased declined to carry out Tsigli’s instruction and that led to a bitter argument between the two men.

In the process, Tsigli was said to have used the hoe-stick, which he often worked with on the road to hit the okada operator’s head several times until he died.

DSP Danso said when the police got wind of the matter, they rushed to the scene and saw the body of the deceased, 28, lying in a pool of blood on the road and subsequently arrested Tsigli.

The Police Commander said the suspect in his caution statement to the police admitted the offence, and said that he was highly provoked by the rider, who puffed smoke from the cigarette he was smoking into his face during the exchanges.

DSP Danso indicated that Tsigli was also said to have told the police that he hit the deceased repeatedly to prevent him from recovering and fighting back.

At the time of filing this report, the Togolese was due to appear before the Ho District Magistrate Court.



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