Togbe Afede unhappy with NDC functionaries

Disregard Chiefs 1The Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV has criticised the National Democratic Congress (NDC) functionaries in the Volta Region for what he described as their gross disregard for chiefs, saying “they only call on us when they need votes”.

He made the remark in Ho recently when the NDC regional executive called at his palace to introduce their campaign task force members to him.

Togbe Afede recalled instances when the chiefs of the Asogli State and the region invited the NDC executive members and Members of Parliament (MPs) from the region to discuss matters concerning development; “but they found excuses for not honouring the invitations”.

The Agbogbomefia also cited the recent opening of an NDC regional office in Ho and said that although the chiefs were not expected to be present at the inauguration, the NDC could have been courteous enough to inform the traditional authorities of the event.

By their conduct, he said that the NDC functionaries had lost touch with the needs of the masses, “with every one of you trying only to secure your own comfort”.

Togbe Afede further that some projects in the region were either progressing at snail’s pace or abandoned because those projects were awarded to the NDC members who were not up to the task.

He observed that there was no fairness in governance in the contemporary Ghanaian society because the leaders had failed to create equal opportunities for all and sundry as they operated a policy of the “winner takes it all”.

“We cannot remain silent over your continuous lack of concern for the people” he added.

Togbe Afede sought to know how the government of the day could claim to be representing the interest of the people if it avoided chiefs who were the link between government and the people.

He expressed misgivings over the ‘NDC World Bank’ frame inferring to the Volta Region, saying that it was highly derogatory and implies that “we are not capable of making our own political choices”.

Togbe Afede said that with the vast natural resources Ghana was endowed, the country could make giant development strides with proper planning and hard work.

“We are thirsty in the abundance of water, and it is high time we adopted a new attitude to turn things round”, said the Agbogbomefia.

The Dufia of Ho-Hliha, Togbe Afele II, cautioned the campaign task force that they have no business to do if they were not interested in contact and consultations with the chiefs.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho


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