Times holds SDF-sponsored CTP training

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A section of the staff at the training

The production staff of New Times Corporation are undergoing a skills development training programme that is aimed at equipping them with modern skills in newspaper designing and printing.

The training, which is focused on upgrading their skills to effectively operate modern computer-to plate (CTP) systems, is the third phase of the corporation’s ICT training programme for the staff, sponsored by Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) under its Skills Development Fund (SDF).

It is also aimed at enhancing the capacity of the staff for effective and efficient operations by the corporation.

Among other objectives, the training project was to create the platform for the deployment of advanced technology and skills for enhanced production activities.

It forms part of the corporation’s efforts toward diversifying its operations to become a preferred brand in the multimedia industry.

In addition, the diversification move is to ensure that the corporation served its clients more effectively and efficiently while it executes its mandate of publishing and disseminating information on national issues to the public to aid national development.

About 80 journalists and production staff of the corporation have so far benefitted from the ICT training that is to equip their working skills on modern technology in their respective fields, to enable them to work more efficiently.

The beneficiary departments include Adverts, Editorial, Page Designing, IT and Online sections.

The SDF sponsorship involved the provision of a grant to support the cCorporation for the introduction of new technologies and innovations into its business practices.

It is in line with the SDF’s policy of aiding institutions to secure skill and technology to improve their capacity for enhanced productivity and to ultimately support national development.

By Edmund Mingle

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