Time to scale up fight against cybercrime

CYBERCRIME is a new crime being perpetrated through Information Communication Technology (ICT) across the world.

The crime is so sophisticated that to apprehend those involved, one needs tact and skills to track such culprits and bring them to book.

Cybercrime has attracted world attention because it is increasingly becoming a threat to both national and global security. Many countries and individuals have fallen prey to these smart criminals across the world.

Indeed, Ghana has recently come to be recognised as a major hub for cybercrime activities known locally as “Sakawa”.

The world has therefore, turned its attention to Ghana due to the high activity of cybercrimes and the high numbers of people falling victim to the criminals.

The courts and police stations are frequently inundated with reports of crimes perpetrated by Ghanaians against foreigners on the internet.

As a matter of fact, many young men with little knowledge in ICT, have turned to “Sakawa” because it gives them quick money.

However, the activities of these scammers have over the years tarnished the image of the country and remain a security nightmare for the security agencies.

That is why the Ghanaian Times is gratified that the government is prepared to take the bull by the horn in combating cybercrime in the country.

We are particularly happy that this is going to allocate funds in next year’s budget to fight the menance.

According to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, the government has instituted a number of initiatives to combat cybercrime as well as human trafficking, drug trafficking, terrorism and money laundering.

“Cyber security issues are, therefore, now firmly national security threats. Our country cannot fully reap the digital dividends associated with our adoption of ICT as a means of our socio-economic transformation, if we fail to mitigate both existing and emerging threats.

“The UN SDG nine requires our country to develop resilient infrastructures, including ICT systems, in order to sustain our economic development” he said.

Indeed, Ghana needs to take a very tough stance against cybercrime, if she is to regain her respect among other nations of the world.

The country already has gained unpleasant distinction as one of the top 10 cyber criminal states of the world.

Additionally, it is on record that Ghana is the most frequently blocked location by online retailers due to “Sakawa”.

The embarrassing tag that the country has acquired due largely to the unscrupulous activities of few individuals must be reversed.

We cannot continue to be labelled cyber criminal state. We must scale up the fight against the criminals and rid the country of its embarrassing title.

We must not allow it to continue.

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