The staff of Pantang Hospital, the largest psychiatrist hospital in the country yesterday demonstrated against what they termed encroachment on the hospital’s lands by private developers.

They have been on a sit-down strike for the past three days and have planned series of actions including a complete shutdown of the hospital.

They claimed that they have been forced to resort to these actions because numerous appeals to government to come to their aid have gone unheeded.

As matters stand now it is not clear how the problem would be resolved to get the workers to return to work.

The Times concern is that while the hospital remains closed, patients would continue to be denied treatment at the facility. That is our major anxiety.

We are distressed that as a country we have looked on unconcerned for private developers to encroach on the hospital’s lands without our intervention.

It is alarming that the encroachers without restraints are daringly building so close to the hospital and would eventually deny the workers access into the hospital.

The impunity with which the private developers are encroaching on the hospitals lands is a reflection of what is taking place on government lands all over the country.

The sheer greed and fictitious grabbing of lands in the city and surroundings is just sickening.

We cannot allow few selfish people to encroach on the Pantang hospital lands which the staff claim poses a threat to the existence of the facility, which is one of the three psychiatric hospitals in the country.

We are worried that in spite of the loud noise the staff of the hospital are making, not enough has been done to stop the encroachers and get the workers back into the hospital to resume work.

Their continued absence at the hospital could be fatal for some of the patients and therefore, we plead with the government and the Ghana Health Service to take steps to resolve the matter immediately.

We should not allow lives to be lost at the hospital before we rush to solve the problem.

We must save the hospital now.

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