The Police on Saturday conducted a special exercise that led to the arrest of 17 drivers in Accra.

The exercise, according to the police, was among others, aimed at checking drivers who drive on the shoulders of roads during rush hours and those who have fixed sirens in their vehicles.

The police also said that, the effort was also to check uniform personnel who are also engaged in lawless acts when driving private cars.

Indeed, the exercise is laudable and The Times applauds the police for the initiative even though it is long overdue.

The lawlessness on our roads are legendary and such exercises are very useful to ensure safety on the roads.

The Road Traffic Regulations 2012, clearly specifies the rules and regulations to guide motorist in the country, but it appears majority of the motoring public do not care about it.

Drivers engage in the most outrageous behaviours on the roads and disregard for regulations leading to horrendous road crashes, some fatal and others causing injury to victims.

The recent accident involving players of Asante Kotoko Football team, that led to the death of one person, was as a result of a careless parking on the road. The criminal conduct of that careless driver cannot be lost on anyone.

Our major concern which is a worry to road users in the country is the use of sirens by unauthorised drivers.

Under the Road Traffic Regulations 2012, L.I 2180, Section 74, it is stated the category of vehicles that can use warning appliances such as siren.

It named such categories as a government vehicle used by official purposes by the Head of State, a police vehicle, Fire Service vehicle, an ambulance for a hospital or clinic, vehicles used by other recognised government security agencies or a bullion van registered by the licensing authority.

In spite of this clear distinction as to who is qualified to use the siren, many vehicles of individuals and some politicians have been fixed with sirens.

These individuals blow the sirens in flagrant disregard to other road users.  They also cause nuisance and lawlessness on the road.

We are happy that the police has taken up the challenge and embarked on an exercise to arrest all those who engage in such lawlessness on the roads.

We hope that the exercise would not be a nine-day wonder and would be sustained to bring sanity onto the roads.

Additionally, we urge the public to co-operate with the police to ensure law and order on the roads.

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