IN a special operation mounted by the Nima Division Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU), last month, 52 vehicles with fake roadworthy stickers were reported to have been arrested by the police.

In addition, three persons normally referred to as Goro Boys, alleged to be involved in the production of the fake stickers, were arrested.

The operation followed the detection by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, (DVLA), that some vehicle owners were using fake roadworthy stickers on their vehicles.

The Nima MTTU’s operation proved a worthy exercise, with the subsequent revelations about the underground operations of these Goro Boys.

The intriguing aspect is that, it is a complete set-up, with the scammers producing the fake stickers with machines specifically with the same features as that of the DVLA.

A cursory look at the fake stickers indicates that one cannot differentiate between the fake ones and the authentic stickers produced by the DVLA. The Nima MTTU was only able to detect the fake ones from the real ones, using a hand-held device, made specifically to check the authenticity of stickers.

From what the Times has gathered from the operation, we are convinced that there is an elaborate underground production of the fake stickers by the Goro Boys.

Indeed, we are reliably informed that all that they demand, are the name of the vehicle owner, the vehicle number, colour and year of manufacture and the payment of between GH¢70 and GH¢200, and presto, the fake sticker is ready for use.

We were alarmed by the revelation, because we all might not be aware of how long these hoodlums have been in business, and the number of fake stickers they have produced and sold to vehicle owners, which corrupted the system.

We commend the DVLA and the police for unmasking the scammers, and urge all stakeholders to be up in arms against these underground manufacturers to save the country from the numerous accidents on our roads.

It is no secret that most of the vehicle owners and their drivers who patronised the services of these Goro Boys, are those who do not want to go through simple procedures to acquire the stickers, but want things done through the backdoor.

The DVLA, the police and the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs), must put in the stringent and necessary measures, to make it difficult for the scammers to operate.

We must all co-operate in this herculean crusade, by not patronising the Goro Boys to ensure we wipe them out of the system completely.

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