Time to clear schools of miscreants and drug addicts

Elsewhere in today’s edition, we have published a story about the invasion of schools in Tema by miscreants and drug addicts which is indeed worrying.

According to the report, the miscreants are not only smoking substances believed to be Indian hemp and cocaine, they have also turned the schools into sleeping abodes.

The schools mentioned are Twedaase Junior High School (JHS), Twedaase Primary School, Akodzo Junior High School and George Padmore Basic School, all in Tema Community One.

The residents and teachers are appealing to authorities to come to their aid to deal with the invasion of the drug addicts in the schools, the report said.

“We do not feel safe in the school, while teaching, we have to look on our shoulders every now and then to see whether an addict is entering the classroom or not,” one of the teachers told the Ghanaian Times.

The residents’ major fear is that the drug addicts could lure and influence pupils and students into drugs as well as attack them.

We find the situation in the schools alarming and urge the authorities to take immediate steps to clear the schools of miscreants.

This is not the first time that reports are being made about miscreants taking over schools. Many schools across the country are facing similar situations and it is time appropriate measures are taken to deal with such negative activities in our schools once and for all.

We recall instances where in some public schools in Accra, too many to mention, where drug addicts and other undesirables have taken over the school and engaged in negative activities including tormenting the lives of teachers and students.

Now it does appear that these activities are spreading across public schools in the country and there is the need for a concerted effort to deal with the situation once and for all.

It is regrettable that public schools have become the den for scoundrels who turn them into their homes in total disregard for the safety of the students and teachers of the schools.

It would also appear that the public school have been left to their fate and it seems that we no longer care as much as we did in the past about the education of the pupils and students in these schools otherwise, how on earth could we allow a group of people on their own accord, erect mosquito nets on the compounds of schools and sleep in them?

We are of the view all public schools deserve protection from encroachers and uninvited guests to their compounds and we appeal to the authorities to provide such protection.

We add our voice to the call for all public schools to be walled and provided with security to prevent unwanted people from accessing them anyhow.

The teachers, pupils and students of public schools deserve a peaceful atmosphere for teaching and learning.

We must therefore, keep the miscreant away from the schools.

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