Three Volta Region towns ban politicians

(inset)Togbe Kotoku (middle reading the press statement.The chiefs, queens and people of Kpenoe, Takla and Hodzo in the Ho municipality have declared their intention to barricade their communities to embark on communal labour to repair some of the damages on the road which links the communities to Ho.

They have also warned that there will be a three-month ban on all political in the three traditional areas for the repair works to progress without any disruption, “if we do not see any concrete move by government to fix the problem in the next two weeks”.

Presently, the road is so rugged and unmemorable that people from those communities can only commute to Ho by foot as transport owners have withdrawn their vehicles from the road.

At a press conference in Kpenoe yesterday, Togbe Kotoku XI, Paramount Chief of Kpenoe who was the spokesman for the traditional areas, said that they were  now tired of the rhetoric and vain promises by government to fix the road.

“They always tell us that the road has been awarded on contract but we never see any real signs of that”, he stated angrily.

Togbe Kotoku said that the patience of the people, especially the youth had been exhausted over the long neglect of the area, “as if we are not part of the Ho municipality”.

According to Togbe Kotoku, there had been numerous cases of pregnant women from Kpenoe, Takla and Hodzo developing serious complications while commuting to Ho on motor-cycles for medical attention, with a few losing their lives in recent time.

He said that the communities had lost their status as the food basket of the municipality as the farmers could no longer market their produce, due to the bad state of the road.

Over the past decade he said that, “the chiefs and people of the area made several attempts including a recent demonstration to draw government’s attention to our plight, but our appeals fell on deaf ears,” he added.

Still on the ban on political activities in the area, Togbe Kotoku warned that the chiefs cannot guarantee the safety of politicians who turns up in the communities to seek votes during the period.

“We will use our head- pans, pick-axes, shovels and other tools we have at our disposal to work on the road.

“After that, we will know who to vote for”, Togbe Kotoku concluded.

For years, it takes a nightmare to travel on the 18 kilometre road Ho Volta Barracks-Kpenoe-Takla-Tokokoe road due to its rocky and brutal nature.

Several promises and assurances by government to fix the road in recent years went with the wind.

The 5.5 kilometres stretch between the Ho barracks and Kpenoe, for instance, could take close to an hour to traverse.

The recent rains have aggravated the situation and it is a pathetic scene on the road with traders carrying farm produce on their heads, walking the distance under the scorching sun or in heavy rains to Ho on market days.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Kpenoe

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