This year’s election: A message to all presidential and parliamentary aspirants

Dear Editor,
Another election year is here with us and I see all kinds of people moving with political aspirants as they undertake campaign tours around the country. “Eh politicians, your season is here again”! But please take this humble advice.

The human being or in simple terms man is the most complex and unpredictable of all the creatures God created.

If you do not know this, you could get a terrible shock that will make you very depressed. A man can say I like/love you with his mouth but his heart will be no where near you.

People flatter you and will not really tell you the truth because they want to “please” you.

Let it also be in your mind that most of the people following you as you cruise along the high ways are not necessarily your supporters.

There are a lot of “stomach direction” supporters these days

As we prepare for elections 2016   I will like to caution all presidential and parliamentary aspirants to remember to put themselves in “neutral gear” to avoid disappointment and not be astounded, hurt, broken hearted or disillusioned after the final results are announced.

When you organise rallies one thing should be noted: People will come in their numbers but you should never have the erroneous impression that the entire crowd represents your supporters. There are three categories of people in a crowd.

–     Supporters

–     Opponents

Observers (neutral or floating voters)

On the day or even an hour to voting any of these people can change their mind for or against you.

You ought to know that one can never read the human mind and that is why you should not be swayed by the presence or utterances of the crowd at your rallies.

If you are in “neutral gear” and you win, the happiness associated with it is overwhelming but if your expectations are very high and you are defeated, it is not very easy to recover. Note these points:

Do your home work well before addressing the people.

Be very frank with the audience

Don’t ever promise them what you cannot deliver .

Do not allow the applause and praises (usually flatter) associated with large crowds to sway you into making utterances that are unnecessary, uncalled for and unpleasant.

Deal with issues and do not direct any verbal missiles at your opponents.

Please do not refer  to your opponents in your speeches otherwise you will make them more popular and that could go against you.

Tell the crowd about current problems and what you intend to do to solve them when you are given the nod

Finally stay focused, and frequently questions your followers on what people are saying.

Let us all put our heads together and plan for a successful campaign and a peaceful election. Any one or group of people who intend to foment trouble should know in advance that they might live to witness their intentions..

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Shakespeare Djokoto


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