This is dangerous!

Refuse Unattended for months now.

The heap of refuse

For six weeks, a heap of refuse has been left uncollected at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, near the railway line.

Apart from food vendors who operate close to the refuse, some squatters have also turned it into a place of convenience, attending to natures call there during the night.

This attracts flies and has become a menace, as food vendors sell in the open.

When The Ghanaian Times got to the place at 9am yesterday, operators of tricycles collecting waste from households, were dumping more refuse to the heap already there.

Some squatters, who pleaded anonymity, acknowledged that their action could lead to an outbreak of cholera in the event of a downpour, but said they had no where else to go to.

Mr. Debrah Fynn, a driver at the Kumasi station, recalled the June 3 flood and fire disaster which claimed the lives of about 200 people, and warned that a similar disaster could occur if the people did not change their attitudes.

He said the squatters, drivers, and food vendors were all guilty of the offence and that their attitude of indiscriminately disposing waste had been contributing to the perennial flooding in Accra.

Mr. Debrah noted also the lack of public refuse collection bins at the lorry station and for food vendors, was negatively impacting sanitation in the area, and appealed to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to provide enough bins in the area and ensure timely collection.

He urged the Environmental Health Department of the Assembly to arrest and prosecute those found littering indiscriminately.

By Malik Sullemana


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