Thieves attack Ho-Have Divisional Chief’s palace

The soaring armed robbery incidents in the Ho municipality have reached greater heights of terror, as the gangsters are now extending their menace to the chiefs in their own palaces.

On Saturday, about three men, armed with sharp implements, broke into the palace of Togbe Anikpi III, Divisional Chief of Ho-Have, at about 2 a.m., after scaling the wall of the fortress and cutting the burglar-proof wires before using a car jack to lift up one of the window bars of the building.

The intrusion into Togbe Anikpi’s palace by the armed men at the weekend was the fourth reported armed robbery case in Ho in less than a week, and it came barely 24 hours after seven suspected armed robbers the custody at the Denu Police broke jail and took away two AK 47 assault rifles and 23 rounds of ammunition belonging to the police.

The robbers avoided using the gates which are heavily fortified.

However, the chief who was without any weapon, faced one of the robbers inside the building squarely, sending him and his colleagues waiting outside, fleeing.

Narrating the incident to The Ghanaian Times at the palace yesterday, Togbe Anikpi said he was returning from the washroom when he noticed that the lights in the living room were on, although he had earlier put them off in the evening.

“Besides, I could hear the sound of the movement of the doors”, he added.

Togbe Anikpi said he walked bare footed into the corridor to confront the gangster “who was so scared to see me because my bare feet made no sound as I walked towards him”.

The chief said just as he addressed the intruder as “thief” and raised his voice to call neighbours, the ganster ran outside, and they all fled scaling the wall again, “before I could reach for my weapon”.

Togbe Anikpi said after the intruders had left, he detected that they had used a ladder some workers in the house had recently left leaning against the wall, to facilitate their escape.

According to Togbe Anikpi, the robber, who managed to enter the room was able to take away a mobile phone which was being charged in the living room.

“He had earlier combed the children’s bedroom, while they were asleep, but found nothing worth stealing there”, said Togbe Anikpi.

When contacted, Chief Inspector Evans Vorvor, Station Officer at the Ho Central Police Station, confirmed the incident and said investigations had begun into the matter.

The police last week arrested 18 suspects in connection with various robberies in Ho. Out of the 18, four men were identified at an identification parade at the Regional Police Headquarters by some of the victims.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho

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