‘There Was No Tax On $100,000’

NyantakyiGHANA’s World Cup players did not pay US$17,000 out of the US$100,000 appearance fees as taxes to the Brazilian government.

There had been reports that the money was being deducted by the Brazilian taxman after US$ 3 million was airlifted to the team in Brasilia, a day before playing Portugal in their final match.

A member of the Ministry of Youth and Sports World Cup Committee Kwadwo Adu Asare had gone on the record to confirm the news.

But the Ghana Football Association president has denied anything of that sort happened in Brazil.

Kwesi Nyantakyi explained that the players were allowed to carry the amount on them after declaring to Brazilian officials.

“The players declared whatever monies they had in Brazil. If you hide the money and you are caught, then that becomes an offence,” Nyantakyi told the media at briefing on Monday in Accra.

Nyantakyi also explained that all bonuses and appearance fees paid to players and officials were subject to tax and that the taxes are paid whether in Ghana or overseas.

“So for all the matches we play here taxes are deducted but for the World Cup competition specifically, the tax is determined by the domestic law on taxation of the host country,” he added.

“In 2014 I don’t know the tax rate in Brazil but this is how you pay the tax. When FIFA pays you your money, they retain 10 per cent of that money.

“They keep it till you honour your tax obligation. The host country will send tax request to FIFA and then FIFA will sort it out with the affected country.

“And so when you determine the amounts that are paid, they will deduct the taxes from Zurich and transfer it to the relevant authorities of the host country. So I can assure you that the taxes on the money will be paid.”

In 2006, Ghana paid taxes on bonuses that were paid in Germany and that the tax rate was 21.1 per cent at the time.

The FA President, who doubles as the Chairman of the Black Stars Management Committee, said he and his entire committee deserve commendation instead of condemnation because they worked very hard to help push a positive course for Ghana but they were just not fortunate enough.

“We know that our inability to qualify to the second round indeed broke many hearts and we admittedly apologise for that,” Nyantakyi said.

On the issue of a video footage which exposed AC Milan midfielder Sulley Muntari smoking at the Stars dining table in the presence of some executive members Mr. Nyantakyi said, “The issue of Sulley smoking happened in Holland. It couldn’t have been in the US nor Brazil.”

On how many people the GFA officially transported to Brazil the FA scribe was quick to mention that the United States of America sent as many as 120 people though FIFA takes care of only 50 members from every qualified association.

According to the GFA President he’s very much aware that most Ghanaians would like him to resign from his position but he is also sure that there are millions of Ghanaians who would equally like him to continue with his job.

“I know there are so many Ghanaians who would like to see my back but I can also assure you here that there are millions of Ghanaians out there who would also like to see my front,” Mr. Nyantakyi said.

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