The Happenings in the Convention People Party (CPP), after its successful National Delegates Congress, is a grave cause for concern.

Many Ghanaian are left scratching their heads in trepidation over the accusations and counter accusations flying among the top hierarchy of the party.

Some members of the party since last Saturday, have not cost sleep trading accusations of bribery against the flagbearer elect, Ivor Greenstreet who beat off a challenge from three other contestants.

Soon after being declared winner, some party stalwarts particularly Professor Agyemang Badu Akosa, and Samia Yaaba Nkrumah, who was one of the contestants accused Ivor Greenstreet of bribery delegates with GH¢200 and GH¢500 to vote for him.

“I am obviously not happy with the results, but I accept them. The fact of the matter is that every delegate was paid GH¢300 and GH¢500 actually, among many other things: she was quoted as saying to the media.

Prof. Akosa on the other hand also claimed that delegates who voted in Saturday’s presidential primaries voted for money.

These accusations have come as a shock to many as CPPP is not known to bribe delegates to vote at their National Congress.

Indeed, their supports have been vociferous in accusing other parties of using money and other items to bribe voters and have their supporters.

It is therefore, surprising that very top members would accuse their flagbearer of bribery.

One would have thought that the main focus of the party how to channel their energies in galvanizing their support base to campaign and sell their message to the Ghanaian electoral.

It would appear from what is happing that they are collapsing their campaign before it gets off the ground.

The Times had hoped that the enthusiasm that had been injected into the CPP by its innovative TV debate which was hailed across the country would serve as a catalyst to sell the party to Ghanaians with its brand Presidential candidate.

It is a huge disappointment to many that Osagyfo’s own party would be going through this at this particular time when they appeared to have branded well to see the rejuvenation of the party while we appeal for restraint and for cool heads to rule at this difficult time, we urge all to ceasefire now.

The 2016 general election is around the corner and their supporters are looking up to them to campaign and win the election.

Posterity and their supporters will not forgive them if they fail and organize themselves in reasing to contest and win the 2016 election.


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