There are no cases of lesbianism at OLA Senior High School – Headmistress

Mad. Coffie

Mad. Coffie

THE authorities of OLA Senior High School, Ho,  have described as totally false and malicious media reports claiming that there is widespread lesbianism among the students.

The headmistress, Madam Regina Coffie, said in an interview in Ho yesterday that the highest standard of discipline prevailed on the campus and that there was absolutely no room for students to engage in any insidious acts whatsoever in the dormitories or anywhere on the campus.

She said that contrary to reports, no parent had come to withdraw her child from the school.

Madam Coffie stated that the school had a total enrolment of 2,367 including day students.

She maintained that the boarding students were monitored around the clock and supervised in the dormitories to ensure order all the time.

For instance, Madam Coffie said that after classes, students there were various supervised social activities on the campus and after prep hours in the evening, there was regular roll call in the dormitories.

Meanwhile, the dormitory supervisors were on duty at all times to ensure that each student slept on her own bed, she added.

The headmistress recalled that about two years ago there was a similar story by a questionable social media site, which alleged that a biology teacher of the school had impregnated some students during practical lessons in the chapel, although the school did not hold biology lessons in the chapel.

Madam Coffie re-assured parents and the public that OLA Ho was definitely one of the best schools in the country in terms of academics as well as moral standards, “since we never compromise on our Catholic discipline”.

According to her, investigations were underway to trace the source of the false story to enable the school to resort to legal action.

Meanwhile, investigations carried by the Ghanaian Times on the campus also revealed that the social media report was unfounded.


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