The Youth, Job Creation And Employment

The youth are considered as the backbone of every nation. They hold the key to the nation’s future.

It is, therefore, incumbent on nations to invest in them and introduce policies and programmes towards ensuring their wellbeing.

Anything short of this is a recipe for disaster, as they would become liabilities on society.

One way of guaranteeing the development of the youth is to provide them with jobs. Most governments are conscious of their responsibility of creating jobs for them, in essence, to make them productive.

Indeed, in the developed world, youth employment becomes a major issue governments do not gloss over during electioneering campaigns, and thus pay much attention to it.

They even offer welfare packages to the unemployed to ease them out of their plight.

In our part of the world, however, youth employment has been relegated to the background, with governments paying lip-service to it.

In contemporary Ghana, the problem of youth unemployment is a grave danger to the nation as it could engender instability.

The rising trend of criminality, armed robbery, civil unrest and other conflicts is a pointer to the fact that the idle youth are becoming more restive, and consequently channeling their energies into such destructive and malevolent ventures.

The problem should, therefore, be tackled with all seriousness; not through mere promises and political rhetoric, but by rolling out policies and programmes to create jobs for the teeming youth coming out of our educational institutions year in, year out, and roaming the streets, with nothing doing.

Incentives should also be provided for those with the potential and interest to be on their own, and prepared to venture into entrepreneurship and be productive.

The Times, however, wonders how the level of unemployment could be reduced, when successive governments, by their actions and inactions, have rather been forcing those already in employment, out of their jobs.

If we are to develop, then the nation should make job creation and retention a priority, and endeavour to harness the human resource potential to speed up its growth.


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