The Police on Wednesday sent a strong signal to the public, especially criminals to stay out of unlawful activities during the Christmas period.
Dubbed “Operation Father Christmas,” the Police launched what it described as a special exercise designed to offer protection for the public.
“It is also a confidence-building measure to assure citizens and residents alike of their safety and security during the Christmas,” Director General of Operations, Commissioner of Police (COP) Christian Yahuno, was quoted as saying, when he addressed a patrol team, in Accra.
He explained that the unit would extend its activities to cover the various crime prone areas, including highways, to make traveling safe.
It is without doubt that during the festive season there is increase in crime, particularly petty thievery, armed and highway robberies among others.
In reality criminals take advantage of the festive season and attack homes and rob members of the public as well as kill innocent people.
As a matter of fact, during the festive season crime rates usually go up due to the high levels of spending by consumers.
This gives the criminals an indication that members of the public have valuables that they could steal or rob from them.
The routine exercise embarked upon by the police would, therefore, deter criminals from engaging in their activities.
The full force and the high visibility of the police would ensure a safe and happy festive season for all citizens.
The Times is confident that the police would do their very best to protect the public, but it is also the duty of the public to assist the police provide security for all citizens.
The public must assist to expose the criminals living in the communities and observe personal security at all times.
Additionally, the public must at all times partner the police in fighting crime and by being vigilant.
While commending the police for being proactive, we urge them to be on the lookout for the bad nuts among them, who may want to misuse the opportunity to extort money from unsuspecting members of the public.
When this happens, it would destroy the good intention of the police service.
We applaud the police for the exercise.

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