IN recent times, the country has been hit by a spate of scams, and the brouhaha have taken a centre stage, and generating a lot of discussions, among the populace.

The media has, in recent times, reported cases of SMS hoax, the Gulf States job recruitment scam, and now, a police recruitment scam.

There is outrage everywhere, and calls on the authorities to move in and arrest the perpetrators, as well as the so-called “big men” behind these scams.

It appears that these scammers are having a field day, and preying on the gullibity of Ghanaians, who are parting with huge sums of money to these vicious men and women.

There is extreme anger everywhere, with many doubting the capability of the authorities to halt the dubious activities of the swindlers and, also the naked tricksters in their tracks.

The reason is that, our security agencies and other investigative bodies seem to be sleeping, while such callous and unscrupulous citizens perpetrate these crimes against fellow citizens.

The modus operandi of these cheats are known; they advertise themselves freely and openly, yet, the security agencies, whether advertently or not, have refused or failed to arrest them.

Any doubt then, that members of the security services and their families are also targets of these heartless tricksters? Some of them have been conned to dole out thousands of Ghana cedis, for nothing.

We must admit it that, the Times cannot sympathise anymore with those who have fallen victim to these con men and women because they failed to heed to warning signs, all over the place.

Most of the victims would now want to blame everybody but, themselves, despite ignoring sound advice not to deal with unauthorised people with regard to recruitment into the Ghana Police Service. They wanted the easy way out, and, therefore, are as guilty as the con men and women.

We cannot but conclude that there is something wrong with the society, because many of our countrymen and women believe that they can use the back door to get what they want.

Here we are, accusing politicians, top government officials and people in authority shamelessly of corruption, and yet, we are not prepared to do the right things ourselves.

With the significant bust of the fake police recruitment gang as well as the SMS scammers, it is clear to all Ghanaians that, the only channel to get what one wants is through the legal process.

What is shameful about all these scams is that, they have all happened right under the noses of the security agencies; they have been caught napping and hopeless to do anything about them.

So who do we run to for cover now?


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