Happening in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), since they lost the 2016 general election gives one the impression that the party is about to implode.

There is a fierce blame game and name calling in the party which has been out of power for barely seven months.

Suddenly the powerful party appears to be disintergrating as party big wigs tear at each other in an ususal manner.

One can deduce from what is happening that the centre cannot hold and factions in the party are beginning to voice out their anger and frustration in an alien manner.

For the founder of the party, former President Jerry John Rawlings to be openly chastised by a member of the party, the former Deputy Chief of Staff, Dr Valerie Sawyerr, speaks volumes.

The acrimony within the party has reached a boiling point and steps must be taken to cool down tempers.

Although the current disagreements within the party is nowhere near the point to cause a break away, members of the party must be reminded that it is in the interest of the party to remain united.

Indeed, it is in our national interest to ensure that the NDC remains a formidable party to put the government on its toes.

Although it is only the NDC member that can put their house in order, a weak opposition party cannot provide a check on government.

At the end of the day it is the entire nation that would suffer.

The country needs a viable alternative party to fall on when the country wants to change governments.

The Ghanaian Times advise to all the feuding factions in the party is that the name calling and blame game would end them nowhere.

All the members must accept that the party has lost power and concentrate on reorganising to win power in the near future.

What must also occupy the minds of NDC members should be how to promote good governance by check mating the government to fulfil its promises to the people.

The turmoil in the party is needless and must cease.

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