The Spectator partners Ghana Garden, Flower Movement

Photo.Ebo Gorman

Ms Carol Annang(second from left)MD,NTC,Mrs Tina Aforo-Yeboah(left) and Ms Esther A.N Cobbah unveilling the Spectator,Stratcom Ghana garden flower show partnership.

The Ghana Garden and Flower Movement, an initiative of Stratcomm Africa yesterday entered into a partnership with The Spectator newspaper of the New Times Corporation (NTC) to create awareness of floriculture and the horticulture industry.

The partnership would also educate Ghanaians on the benefits and income generating opportunities in the industry.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Managing Director of NTC, Miss Carol Annang, said the partnership was a ground breaking moment for the corporation to forge relationships with world class partners.

She said it was important to have partnerships that would enable the corporation become a modern and contemporary new provider acquainted with best practices and create training opportunities for its staff.

Miss Annang added that, “We are privileged to have Stratcomm Africa partnering us and noted that the partnership was an opportunity to share knowledge  which was paramount  to achieving the  world  class standards the corporation was aiming  at and also demonstrate the capacity and capability of The  Spectator.

She commented that the partnership was a demonstration of the Chief Executive Officer of  Stratcomm, Miss Esther  A.N. Cobbah’s commitment  to ensure that the state-owned media take  their leadership  role.

She affirmed her confidence that the fortunes of the corporation were embedded in The Spectator and   “we have to unearth it, polish and shine it.”

Miss Esther Cobbah, said  there were resources  in the  country,  which if not unearthed, would remain untapped and  Ghanaians  would  continue to  suffer.

She said one of such resources that her outfit had tried to promote and communicate to Ghanaians   were the flora and fauna industry.

She said there were flowers that no one has taken the chance to care for but were flourishing on their own.

Miss Cobbah said as a communication industry, her outfit has taken it upon itself to communicate the resources to people so that knowledge about the resources would be harnessed.

According to her, her outfit  saw The Spectator as a strong channel with a heritage to help communicate effectively, the message of the movement.

She  said  The Spectator had become  a  lens  through which people  would see the flora and  fauna, the  sunshine, water and  sand anew.

Ms. Cobbah stated that it would also help people see jobs, income, health and environmental conservation through the lens the newspaper provides.

She said gardens provide serenity and make people  think better  and believed that  the partnership would  foster Ghana’s recovery  process  through developmental projects.

“We are here to celebrate a partnership that will make Ghana grow greener, healthier, wealthier and more beautiful,” she noted.

A tree was planted  on the premises of NTC to seal the partnership between the two organisations.

By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu                                              


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