Entrepreneurs in the country must be upset by the announcement of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), to reduce power supply to industries by 25 per cent, with retrospective effect from last Tuesday.

The decision though arrived at after a series of meetings with the entrepreneurs themselves and other stakeholders, it is bound to affect productivity.

No doubt, many industries, especially those in mining and steel which use a lot of energy would be the most affected, as they would have to step down their use of power.

According to the Director of Operations of the ECG, Mr. Tetteh Okyere, the decision had become necessary, because of the erratic power situation the country is going through.

The Times is disturbed that the power situation is getting worse, with the turn of each day, despite the efforts being put in by the government and other institutions to curtail, if not totally eliminate it.

The decision, therefore, means the country has to redouble its efforts and generate enough power for domestic consumption and use by the industries.

Unfortunately, the economic repercussions of the outages to the nation would be outrageous, because, the industries are going to operate at higher costs and cut down production.

Furthermore, some industries may either lay off their workers or cut salaries, due to the power predicament. Aside the economic hardship, it is disturbing that some Ghanaian workers are going to lose their jobs.

Though unfortunate, as at now, the situation seems to be beyond everybody, thus what is required is the co-operation of all, to normalise the situation.

We agree all would have to sacrifice, to enable the ECG to conserve power for judicious use, while the government continues to work feverishly to bring some stability to the sector, for the benefit of us all.

The challenge posed by the latest decision is enormous, so we urge the ECG and the power producers to resolve the problem in good time, and ease us out of the power outages.

We also pray for quick resolve, so as to enable the industries to return to full production, to meet their targets, and help stabilise the economy.

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