After a successful election and a remarkable victory for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the President-elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is poised to form a government to take over the administration of the country in the next few days.
And as expected, there is intensive lobbying and jostling going on behind the scenes for positions by members of the party.
Fortunately, the President-elect was reported yesterday to have presented a list of names he is considering to form a government with, to the National Executive Council (NEC) of the NPP.
Before the meeting, however, various lists of names had appeared in the public domain as those who were being considered for ministerial appointments, which does not give him room for those he deemed fit into the next government.
The Times appeal is that the incoming President must be given room to appoint those he deemed fit to form the next government.
This is a brand new government and he needs to appoint very competent persons to various positions to carry out the party’s agenda and to fulfil the promises made to the people.
There is no doubt that the party has men and women, capable of carrying out the task, but our worry is about the pressure being mounted on the President-elect by the various groups and individuals.
We are hopeful that after yesterday’s meeting, it is clear by now, those who would be appointed to various ministerial positions.
Whatever the case may be, we are hopeful that a formidable team would have been formed and all those who would miss out would accept in good faith the decision of the President-elect.
Besides, powerful interested individuals and groups would also continue to pile pressure to catch the eyes of the President-elect.
While this may appear to be the normal practice whenever there is change of government, names would continue to come up, more than the number of vacancies available.
That means that there are more qualified people than the number or ministerial appointments available.
This presents enormous task for the President-elect, who is faced with selecting from the pool of qualified party numbers to help him govern the country.
Apart from this daunting task, lobbying and pressure is being mounted by various groups for position in the new government.
These are all part of democracy, and not illegal. However, it puts the president-elect under intensed pressure.
In all honesty, not all qualified members of the party can be appointed as ministers of state, but all members can support the government in various ways to succeed.
Indeed, Ghanaians must put their shoulders behind the wheel and support the new government to fulfil the promises made to the people.
Meanwhile, the President-elect must be given room to operate to form a formidable government for the development of the country for all.

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