The Nsuta Mbiase galamsey tragedy, in which 22 people are feared dead and buried, following the collapse of a mining pit is going to remain on the minds of Ghanaians, especially the bereaved families for a long time.

The agony of the nation waiting for the rescue of survivors ended on Thursday, when operations were brought to an end after four days of frantic efforts to save those who were swallowed by the collapsed pit.

Indeed, to signify the end of the search for survivours, a mass burial service, was held for the victims after the District Coroner, Mr Frank Addo Ashitey, together with Dr Kwasi Acheampong of the Prestea Government Hospital, assessed the situation and authorised the mass burial.

The souls of the unfortunate victim were, therefore, committed into the hands of the Almighty God, by Rev Father Rapheal Eshun of the Prestea Catholic Church and the Imam of Bondaye at ceremony that was attended by the bereaved families and sympathisers.

While we mourn with the bereaved family for the death of the 22 people who were irking out a living albeit illegal, we understand the difficult situation they found themselves.

The Times is fundamentally against illegal mining (galamsey) and would in no way support such activity, but we all sympathise with all those who have lost relatives in this tragic accident.

It is our wish that it never happens again but it would take the collective effort to prevent such a disaster.

If everyone heeded to the call to stop galamsey and law enforcement agencies as well as institutions ensured that the illegal activities did not take place, we would not be faced with such tragedies.

The death of the 22 people should serve as a wake-up call to stakeholders and those who engage in the illegal activity, to the dangers in galamsey.

The Times suggests that we all use the unfortunate incident to recommit ourselves to the war waged against the menance, so that we do not lose any more lives.

The number of lives lost in one tragic incident is too high and the only way to prevent any future occurrence is to stop illegal mining.

We urge the government and all relevant institutions to step up efforts against the menace in order to save lives and the environment.

We must not allow the Nsuta tragedy to reoccur anywhere in the country.

We extend our sympathies to the bereaved family and wish the departed farewell.

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