The monthly cleaning of the environment

Dear Editor,

It is quite laudable for whoever mooted the idea of the monthly cleaning exercise in the country.

Kudos to the fellow. This, however, has got to a point where it has to be stopped!

I feel sad when recently, the city of Accra was rated as one of the dirtiest cities in the world while Windhoek, the city of Namibla in Africa, is regarded as one of the cleanest cities in the world! Since I am a Ghanaian and live in Accra, I wish to draw the attention of our officials for consideration on what I think will solve how we deliberately degrade our home and environment.

For the past few months, at the beginning of every month, clean up exercises have been organised to draw our attention to the fact that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

There are so many churches dotted around the city of Accra and for that matter, Ghana. What are the men of God doing in educating Ghanaians?

It is good that when one does not know about what one has to do in life to improve and lift oneself and ones attention is drawn to the fact of what one has to do, it is up to one to continue from there.

If we critically look at the enthusiasm with which the cleaning up exercises started from the beginning, it is now weaning gradually.

The enthusiasm is dying gradually. Like they say, it is better to teach somebody how to fish rather than feed the fellow.

How many times in the past had our illustrious Head of State, Fl. Lt. J.J. Rawlings not gone into the gutters at Nima in clean-up exercises just to make the people of Nima conscious that they need to clean their environment?

Have they changed or has there been any improvement at all?

It is rather and after the cleaning exercise that you will find the gutters rather more choked than ever with garbage and toilet. You know why?

It is because the residents find somebody who has nothing to do to come and do the dirty work for them. Go to Nungua, Teshie, La, Osu, the Kwame Nkruma Circle for instance, when it is time for the cleaning of the environment, people sit in their homes and expect benevolent groups/societies to come and clean their environment for them.

Why? It is so because they do not care. Some of these things have gone on for far too long. They say you eat a rotten fish with hot pepper and what we need to do now as a people is to galvanise ourselves from our slumber and do something dramatic.

There are so many gutters and drainages in the city of Accra and we have houses built along these drainages. We have so many JHS and SHS graduates who have nothing to do, walking the length and breadth of the country, because they cannot find work to do.

I recommend that the various Municipal Assemblies, District Assemblies, the Metropolitan Assemblies, whoever is in charge to employ some of these people, train them as they used to do in the good old days, for them to go round warrants to arrest people in and around dirty places who do not care and bring them to a special court where they to be dealt with by a special court.

We should, therefore, stop wasting our profitable time cleaning the environment for others who take delight in doing nothing to stop polluting our gutter/environment.

Abe Mensah Accra

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